Take A Voucher, vouchers are fast and simple for you to buy, send and enjoy anytime and anywhere in SA!
We certainly are unique as we offer a “My Wallet” option.
This is an easy way for you to shop by simply loading funds into your “My Wallet” account and allowing you to transfer “My Wallet” to your kids or anyone you choose to purchase vouchers without using your credit card details.
There has never been a more easy and secure way to shop for vouchers online in the comfort of your own bed, couch or even your bright sunny garden.

google play voucher Take A Voucher
PlayStation-Store gift card Take A Voucher

As a mother of two kids I find it horrifying tagging my kids along to the mall.
Just the thought of getting them ready aaarrrrgghhh, dragging their heavy nappy bags around and listening to their scream for toys exhaust me before I can even leave my home.

I had to find an easier way to shop for the things everyone in the family needs and loves.

One day while getting cereal splashed in my face by my 4 year old son and being extremely late for a bridal shower that I hadn’t bought a gift for as yet, an idea sprung to me, what if there was a website that sold every voucher that any one desires yet at the same time being safe, secure and timeless so that you don’t have to feel the frustration of going into multiple websites and submitting your credit card details several times just to send your son a gaming voucher, data to watch your favourite TV series or even ordering some yummy supper. That’s how the idea of Take A Voucher started.

Xbox-Live-Gold gift card Take A Voucher
Deezer gift Card Take A Voucher

Take A Voucher is a safe and secure website that allows anyone to buy and send while abroad, to be redeemed in SA 24/7, how awesome is that! With the “My Wallet” option you get to purchase vouchers with the funds you have stored for that rainy day, you know what I’m talking about, those last days of the month before your pay day and your heart desires so many things.
Well, with Take A Voucher our “My Wallet” option allows you to satisfy what your heart desires, keeping a smile on your face all day every day!

So come on, Take a voucher, or two, or even three, and relax, let us be you online voucher solution!



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